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What is the warranty with your system?

There are 25-year warranties on both the panels and the inverters, along with an additional 10-year workmanship warranty to ensure you and your investment are protected.

What if I need to replace my roof?

Option 1: Reroof now with your system and include the cost of the roof in the payments (very common), with no cost out-of-pocket

Option 2: Reroof later on, call us to come out to take off the panels for a service fee, replace your roof, and then re-install the equipment

Option 3: Reroof later on around the panels because your system will protect the roof area underneath

What happens if I move?

Option 1: Most people will use the added value from the system to sell their homes with the system. The seller will be responsible for paying off the remainder of the loan. The new homeowner will then have a paid-off system and enjoy the benefits.

Option 2: Some of the loans are assumable by the new homeowner. Check with your solar advisor to get the details if needed.

Does solar add value to my home?

Yes; a recent Zillow home study shows an average 4–5% addition to the total value of the home.

How do the tax incentives/credits work?

The Federal/Investment Tax Credit (FTC/ITC) is a dollar-for-dollar credit toward a customer’s Federal Tax Liability. It is calculated as 26% (thru 2022) of the gross system cost. A customer cannot claim more credits in a single year than their liability. Any remaining unused credit can be rolled into future years. This only applies to systems that are purchased and/or financed. For leased/PPA systems, the ITC is claimed by the solar lease company.