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Ground-Mount Vs. Roof Solar Panels

When having Solar Panels installed, you have more options than just your roof.
Everyone has questions when choosing to go Solar: Do I have to replace my roof when installing Solar Panels? What if I don’t want them on my home? What if my roof is fully shaded?
Ground-Mount Solar Panels
· If you don’t like the look of Solar Panels on your roof, a ground-mount gives you a renewable energy source without affecting your home’s appearance
· Higher electricity production since they can be positioned optimally based on local sunshine
· More accessible for maintenance or cleaning
· Takes up room on your property
· More expensive because there must be a supporting structure
Roof Solar Panels
· Less expensive to install
· Utilizes unused space
· Must be installed on a roof in good condition
· The roof has limited space
Key Take-Away:
When choosing between these options, there are many circumstances that will contribute to your final choice.
Our team can help you determine which type of Solar System is best suited for your home, schedule a free consultation: (385) 498-3897.